Spring Cleanse

 MARCH 16-22nd

Why Cleanse?

In Ayurveda, cleansing is an important component in maintaining and extending mind, body and spiritual health. It is common knowledge that Spring is the season of cleaning and awakening our bodies from the cold winter to welcome the ray of grace from the warm sun. 

In the season of renewal and new beginnings the warmth of the sun moves closer to mother earth causing the coldness and heaviness of winter to melt and inspire us to awaken from our winter slumber. The rivers become fuller, the new seedlings breakthrough to welcome the nourishing sun, the bears yawn with excitement to come out of their long hibernation and all the birds chirp with joy as food sources become abundant! This is the second season of Kapha which constitutes the earth and water elements. During this transitional season the waters of earth liquify and cause wetness. Within our bodies the heat of the sun helps liquify the excess water element stored within our body from the heavy oily and nourishing foods we enjoyed during the winter season. The decadent and heavy meals enjoyed during the holidays combined with less movement during the cold winter can cause Kapha to accumulate within our bodies. All body types can experience a Kapha or Water and Earth imbalance during this season. This can appear within your body as lethargy, slightly unmotivated, harder to get going, allergies, colds and mucous on tap! Not to worry as this is nature’s therapeutic transitional season to lighten and and realign our body, mind and direction for the year. Cleansing is key to realigning during this season along with taking a curious look into your mind and seeing what behaviors, beliefs and lifestyle choices have been serving you and which have not. Taking inventory and cleaning out the closet internally and externally, eating lighter foods that are fresh all help in ushering back the lightness of the body and mind. As we move forward into the season look at the ideas and projects that have been percolating over the winter or even years. The time is now to birth them into existence with a vision, simple plan, discipline, deliberate practice and positive freshly cleansed mindset. 

Join me in a 7 day Ayurvedic cleanse to realign and birth an empowering and healthy year.

Side Note: If you are experiencing a vata imbalance as a result of winter with symptoms like dry skin, anxiety, constipation, loss of weight, having difficulty making decisions,  I have another plan for you to help rejuvenate and nourish your body and mind. 




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Preparation for the Cleanse

Reducing the factors that cause toxin buildup in the cleansing centers, the liver and digestion, is of main importance. In Ayurveda that is called purva karma, the pre part of the cleanse were we reduce processed foods, alcohol, refined sugars, irritants such as gluten etc. We also take an honest look at the influences in our lives that have not or no longer support our wellbeing and remove them to the degree that we can. The main point of purva karma is halting the habits that are leading us to imbalance.

The cleanse takes a 5-fold approach:
Taking time to slow down
Detox Diet
Daily Self-care Practices: Physical and emotional
Herbs & Purge Day
Post Cleanse Rejuvenation

Benefits of Ayurvedic Cleansing

Rejuvenates both the mind and body.
Eliminates toxins (ama) from the tissue of the body
Detoxifies and nourish the lymphatic system.
Slows down the aging process
Improves the strength of your digestion
Strengthens tissue functions
Rejuvenates adrenal strength and move from fatigue to energized
Enhances energy, vitality and mental clarity
Reverses the negative effects of stress and pollution


Perfect health and well being are achieved when the body is:

  • Physically aligned through yoga and exercise

  • When the digestion is balanced through correct diet in accordance with one’s Dosha (constitution)

  • When the mind and nervous system are calm and focused through Dhyana yoga (concentration and meditation)

  • When all the marma points are free from stress or pain

  • Prana (life airs) are balanced through Pranayam. In this state of optimal health the body is able to cure and rejuvenate itself from various illnesses such as cancer, auto-immune diseases and HIV in there preliminary stages. Furthermore heart disorders, diabetes, weight gain and lose, any kind of hormonal imbalances, mental and emotional imbalances.


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