Balancing Kapha

For most people, if pitta imbalance gets corrected, the vata and kapha will naturally balance. This is because pitta is the controlling entity of the vata and kapha. Our recommendation to balancing kapha is to actually balance pitta first and then see if there is actually a kapha imbalance at all. If the pitta has been balanced and there is still challenge with kapha here are some further practices that can be employed.


Keep a journal. Helps inspire creativity (vata) in the mind. Can offset depression.


Always have fats, protein and carbs when eating but remember to eat emotionally. For example: If we feel sad (kapha) and its cold and dark outside (kapha) and our body temperature is cold (vata/kapha) then we should eat something sweet or with more carbohydrates in it (offset sadness), something warm and that has a good amount of protein (heating to offset cold temp) and fats (something soothing and comforting). So maybe steamed apples with raw honey and raw whipped cream would be suitable. We can eat intelligently and emotionally at the same time if we measure these three weathers:

  • Outside weather
  • Body temperature
  • Emotional weather


  1. Dance. Move the body in a fun and creative way to inspire movement, joy and motivation.
  2. Walking pranayam. While walking inhale for 4 steps and then exhale for 6 steps. Minimum 20 minutes
  3. Vastrika and Kapalabhati pranayam. These exercises help create movement in the body through breathing alone.
  4. Hug trees. Trees can absorb our sadness. Find a tree that you pass every day that you can build a relationship to and let the tree take your sadness away.
  5. Positive touch (ex. Snuggles and hugs) are very comforting to kapha and can greatly change our chemistry.

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