Our Favorite Products

For us city folk who like it raw, from the best grass fed udders in town, get all types of raw dairy in NY from:  www.uddermilk.com

Have you lost your way? Look no further because you are found. This whey is the only way to go. One World Whey. Raw, grass fed, high body assimilation, and tastes divine. Goto: www.sgn80.com/one-world-whey

For tasty and well sourced cold pressed oils. Goto: www.foodsalive.com/Artisan-Cold-Pressed-Oils-s/15.htm

These are one of the only shoes in the market that help reposition your weight as nature intended where the weight is distributed towards the front of your foot not your heel. A great investment for your back! Goto: www.vivobarefoot.com/us/

There’s no udder way to get such amazing raw dairy in LA. Everyone is doing it. Jump on the udderwagon and goto: www.udderlyla.com

Rest Easy is a fermented turmeric tonic with a full spectrum of soil based probiotic microorganisms. Hands down the best probiotic we have consistently had amazing results with. Goto: www.turbochargedturmeric.com

Straight from the Himalayas from valued and tested source we present to you the highest grade Shilajit from Lotus Blooming Herbs. Goto: www.authenticshilajit.com

A great source for nutrition and farming. Goto: westonaprice.org

A fantastic source to get organic nuts for your next batch of nut milk amongst many other yummy foods. Goto: www.organicfruitsandnuts.com

We have searched high and low to find these incredible raw, soaked and sprouted nut butters without all the toxins in nuts. If you’re ready to get a little nutty goto: www.bluemountainorganics.com 

Discover the creamiest homemade ghee, raw local westchester honey, rose water and many other healing products at: www.osiliving.com

An organic cotton high vibrational clothing line with original hand drawn artwork by Victoria Keen. Goto: www.v-keen.com 

Our Favorite Books

Here are some of our favorite books on Ayurveda and related topics.


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