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How do I lose weight

Reduce inflammation at any cost. See “Balancing pitta” under recommendations.

How do I gain weight

Consume high amounts of easily digestible nutrition. See “Balancing Vata” under recommendations.

How do I deal with my anger

First,​ make sure angry isn’t hungry, hangry 😉 Many times we get angry and frustrated when are hangry because we don’t have the calories of energy to deal with a situation. If we get angry at others we are often angry at ourselves. It can be a result of disappointment which is a result of having expectations. Its impossible to have no expectations but we can lower our expectations.

What do I do when I cough at night

Try a drop of clove oil with raw honey in some hot water before bed or packing a few cloves into the side of the mouth or under the tongue. The coughing should subside.

Is yoga good for me

It is wonderful to have teachers to guide us so we can learn and understand the asana system. It is important to stay in touch with the body and our intuition to not overdo physical movement. We are constantly changing so our practice should evolve and change with us through our different stages of life.

We recommend to stay with practices that focus on alignment. As a team we practice the yoga from our website. This is our lineage of warrior yoga that is a combination of conditioning, gas removal, rehabilitation, strength and flexibility.

What can I do when I have constipation

Constipation is a result of too much gas in the body. Drinking hot water can help stimulate bowel movements. If it is a more serious case add black pepper to the hot water and have small shots of the black pepper tea every 20 minutes until the bowels move. Daily belly massage (video under “services”) is incredibly helpful.

How can I make my loose bowl movements solid

Try eating steamed rice mixed with yogurt or dry toast with raw cheese to bind and stop loose motion.

Can I change my dosha

We all have a unique nature and imbalance. We can use Ayurveda to balance our imbalances, but we can’t change our natural inclinations. When we have practiced Ayurveda for long enough we begin to use it as a means to inspire aspects of ourself depending on the right time, place and circumstance.

Can I do a cleanse

Best to live your cleanse. If you are feeling that there is toxicity in the body that you want to cleanse, best to approach it slowly through lifestyle techniques instead of doing extreme cleanse regimes. Add more hot water between meals or hot black pepper tea to promote detoxification. Bentonite clay mixed with raw yogurt and warm water can be effective in cleansing the body of heavy metals etc. Having more liquid food so that the digestive system can have a break from digesting helps as well by not causing more for the body to detox. Get good rest, and practice keeping the mind, body and digestion cool. See “Balancing pitta” under recommendations.

Can I take intoxicants

Ayurveda doesn’t say “No.” If we are going to take intoxicants we need to be aware of what costs they have on the body and replenish the body with what it is losing. Moderation is key and it is best to avoid digesting food at the same time as intoxicants as this can cause food trauma.

What do I do when I feel anxious

Drink hot water, tulsi tea, meditate, take hot baths, self oil massage. See “Balancing Vata” under recommendations.

What do I do when I feel depressed

Drink hot water, tulsi tea, rose water, dance, sing, create etc. See “Balancing Kapha” under recommendations.


What can I do if I am nauseous

Try sipping hot water and if possible add some crushed black pepper (2-4 corns) It can be helpful to put a cooling pack on your stomach. And if possible practice cooling breaths. Sitali pranayam (suck in air through the mouth as if you were sucking on a straw to draw cool air inwards then exhale through the mouth “Haaa” as if you were fogging a window to let the heat out) Mint and Fennel tea help as well.

Why do I sweat at night

Night sweats are due to overconsumption of protein or carbohydrates at night. Best to avoid falling asleep for about 1.5-2 hours after eating. 10PM-2AM is the “pitta” or “hot” time of night when we digest the toxins from the day. Best to avoid in-toxing during these hours and to be asleep so the body can easily detox. This helps avoid excess heat during sleep. If you get hot at night, try using cooling packs on stomach and forehead.  Blankets can make us hot. It is advisable to cover the upper body with a sheet and the lower body with the sheet and blanket.

What can I do for acid reflux

Here are some causes of acid reflux: not having hot water before eating, eating quickly, swallowing food that has not been chewed, consuming acidic food like onion and garlic, coffee, alcohol, pasteurized dairy, tomatoes (exception for heirlooms), eggplant, and excessive amounts of  grains.

Some remedies are: drinking fennel tea, peppermint tea, water with two drops of mint oil, eating cucumber. The best is to avoid doing things that cause acid reflux.


Why is my skin so bad

Skin is a direct reflection of heat in the body. Liver heat appears red and sometimes as white dots on the skin. Endocrine heat appears as small skin-colored bumps mostly found on the forehead. Carbohydrate and protein heavy diets and other acidic foods create more heat in the body causing a tendency for skin trouble. Anger and frustration in the mind, and excess physical movement are other contributors for increased heat.

For more information check out “balancing pitta” under recommendations.

Should I stop my prescriptions

No. We recommend to continue seeing Western Medicine doctors in tandem with our services.


What should I eat on the airplane

Best to drink hot water on the airplane and avoid digestion if possible. Try taking small bottles of raw honey raw coconut oil or raw butter on the plane to add to hot water. Avocado, sliced raw cheese, and sliced cucumbers are good snacks if you have a long flight and need food. It is also advisable to bring black pepper while traveling to add to hot water to help cut any nausea or stomach discomfort. Ginger powder is helpful to add to hot water while flying if congestion is present to help avoid altitude ear aches.

How can I curb my sugar craving

Add raw honey and plenty of raw fats into your diet. Have your sugars during the day and avoid having them at night.


Can I keep spinning

If you really enjoy it. It is best to do exercise that works all of the muscle groups equally. Any workouts that target one muscle group in excess can jeopardize the body’s alignment.

How do I get rid of gas and bloating

Try drinking  a small cup of hot water before eating, 45 minutes after eating and throughout the day. You can add black pepper, turmeric powder or fennel to hot water to reduce gas. Avoid crunchy raw foods, pasteurized dairy and sugary foods.

What should I do when I get my period?

Rest is best. Women should try to stay away from high protein foods, big meals, spicy foods, crunchy raw foods, traveling, strenuous work and stressful confrontations. At least for the first day or two try being gentle and easy on the self. If there is cramping try hot baths, drinking hot chamomile tea or hot water, and drinking easy to digest soups and liquid foods. Try to occupy this restful time with creative activities like writing, drawing, singing etc. It is our time to be in sync with nature and detox. Get yourself as comfortable as possible.

What about onions and garlic

Onions and garlic are considered to be “rajasic”  in nature which means they produce heat and passion. Ideally they would be used sparsely and medicinally when advised by an Ayurvedic professional. For taste and flavor try using the spice called “asofetida/hing” instead.

Is green juice okay?

Green juice is okay when mixed with some sort of raw fat. On its own, green juice has too many sugars and spikes the glucose levels in the body too rapidly, creating a stimulant effect (up and then down). Try adding coconut milk, raw nut oils and nut milks, avocado or chia seeds to help slow down the release of sugar in the body.

What about maca and cacao (chocolate)

They are stimulants and should only be used medicinally and sparingly during times of low circulation. Black pepper can create the same affect with less cost.


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