Balancing Vata

Excess Vata (air & space) can cause dryness, anxiety, fear, apathy, food aversion, addiction, as well as many nerve disorders. The key to reversing conditions and healing these challenges is to continuously reduce the gas and prevent gas production in the body, mind and digestion. 


Meditation is a key way to reduce air in the mind. Either simple focus on breath meditation or mantra meditation. Balancing air in the body also helps reduce the air in the mind dramatically.


  • Hot water: Drink hot water throughout the day to help get gas out of the body. It is highly advised to drink at least a half cup of hot water before eating any food so that air does not get compressed in the digestive track.
  • Adding plenty of Raw fats to shakes and meals so that the food becomes balanced and grounded. Carbohydrates are the food that produces the most gas. Carbohydrates are all vegetables, fruits, and grains. To reduce vata all carbohydrates should be cooked (at least lightly steamed and broken down). And carbohydrates should never be taken alone they should at least be paired with raw fats and ideally with a bit of protein as well. Digestion works best when all three are present in every meal or shake.



  • Hot baths with oils and epsom salts
  • Daily oil massage (sesame oil, wheat germ oil)
  • Yoga Nidra (deep rest meditation)

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