Balancing Pitta

Acidity is inflammation and inflammation blocks our ability to heal so the most important thing we can do is cut our acidity in our daily routine through mind, digestion, and body. Acidity is the main cause of our weight gain, weight drain, inability to maintain muscle, water retention, sores, ulcers, skin challenges and heat spots, joint and muscle pain and cramping and ultimately more severe conditions.


  • The mind creates acidity when we have negative thoughts: Anger, Frustration, Guilt, Fear, Disappointment, Hopelessness, Sadness
  • Instead of these thoughts and negative self-talk we replace anything that is “hard, bad etc” with “CHALLENGING.”
  • It seems impossible to do something when it is hard but we can always overcome a challenge.

We also recommend practicing a form of meditation to reduce acidity in the mind. If you are looking for an extensive meditation course and community see our recommendations page under meditation teachers


*Note: Because we all have different body types it is good to experiment with different cooling drinks and see what suits us best. These are ideas to experiment with but they are not limited.


  1. Raw yogurt lassi (can also use raw buttermilk):
    1. Sweet: half yogurt, half water, 1-2 tablespoons raw honey (optional to add a combination of: rose water, mint, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, black pepper, vanilla)
    2. Salty: half yogurt, half water, pinch of Himalayan sea salt (optional to add a combination of: grated cucumber, pepper, cumin, cilantro, dill, basil)
  2. Warm whey: Boil pasteurized whole cream milk, when it comes to a boil squeeze juice of 1-3 lemons, let whey and curd separate, strain out the solids (curd)
    1. Sweet: warm whey, raw honey, crushed berries, lemon/lime juice, mint (add raw nut oil or raw butter)
    2. Salty: grated cucumber, salt, cumin, black pepper,  dill or cilantro (add raw nut oil and raw butter)
  3. Black pepper tea: boiled water with crushed black pepper corns (4-8 corns worth)
  4. Warm water with chlorophyll (add lemon/lime, raw honey)
  5. Warm water with aloe vera gel (add lemon/lime, raw honey

*To add raw honey and/or raw butter do half boiling water and half room temperature water


  1. Cucumber juice with lemon/lime juice, raw honey, mint or any other fresh herbs  (optional: add some soaked chia seeds)
  2. Yogurt lassi drinks are great in this season as well
  3. Water with chlorophyll (add lemon/lime, raw honey)
  4. Water with aloe vera gel (add lemon/lime, raw honey)
  5. Raw coconut milk (buy coconut, dump juice and scoop out meat and blend with lime
  6. Combine half serving of cilantro juice with half a serving of raw coconut milk add lime (add salt for salty and raw honey for sweet)
  7. Cucumber, mint, rose water (optional), raw honey, lemon/lime *Can add aloe vera
  8. Fennel, celery, raw honey (For salty add Cilantro juice lime and salt) (For sweet add coconut milk)
  9. Lemonade (lemon raw honey water), Rose water, Aloe Vera juice
  10. Cilantro, cucumber, lime, raw honey, black salt

*For all juices: Add soaked chia or slightly melted coconut oil, raw coconut milk or avocado to add fats, dilute juice with room temperature water


We want to focus on cutting acid that is produced in the muscular system. If you want to do exercise, here are the best “exercises” to do while we are cutting down our acidity:

  • Walking Pranayam: Walk for 20-30 minutes a day. 4 steps inhaling and then exhale for 6 steps
  • Vastrika and Kapalabhati breathing exercise
  • Sun Salutation and power squats
  • Chakra Exercises
  • Swimming, bike riding, hiking no longer than 30-40 minutes maximum 3 times a week
  • Yoga Nidra (Deep rest meditation)

Inspiring Agni (Digestive fire)

It is much less common to have too little pitta in digestion or agni (fire of digestion).  But it is posisble for vata and kapha predominance to suffer from this challenge. The best way to ignite good digestion without becoming too acidic is to use digestive/salty lassi, black pepper tea, ginger tea, before eating. These are the safest ways to bring back appetite in and increase heat safely.

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