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Get Cooking!

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Decompress and recharge with a Marma Treatment

Live like a dolphin, eat like a bear

What to expect

  • Ayurvedic Assessment
  • Diet and lifestyle recommendations
  • Structural alignment and pressure point therapy

What to wear

Treatments can be administered in any clothing.


Ayurvedic Assessment

Learn about your mind, body and digestion from a holistic Ayurvedic perspective. Come to a deeper understanding of your dosha (metabolic disposition) and the contributing factors that affect your current state of health. Receive education on how to bring yourself into optimal balance through creating a prosperous relationship with food, physiology and the mind.

Marma Treatment

Expect the unexpected. Marma points bring awareness to our body. If there is stress, the release may be uncomfortable. Otherwise, treatments are generally relaxing and leave us feeling light and relieved.

Cooking Class

Expand your understanding of food and nutrition through Ayurveda.

Food Sourcing

Meet at a spice shop, grocery store or farmers market and get a guided tour of the smart way to source food.
60-120 mins   
70 mins   
   120 mins       
120 mins 

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